Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Pioneer 6 Wide Platform with Backbone (2100mmx1430mm) (JC-01659)

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Product Load Rating: 75 kg
Bar Type: Backbone Platform 2100mmx1430mm
Brand: Rhino Rack

The sleek and stylish Pioneer Platform with Rhino-Rack Backbone System is the ultimate load carrying solution for your vehicle. The black powder-coated design makes life easier by allowing you to load and unload your equipment in moments. The Pioneer Platform is made from reinforced nylon and aluminium which creates a lightweight strength that is incredibly durable. The non-corrosive Pioneer Platform has withstood testing in the harshest conditions around the world so you know it can be trusted.


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Loading and unloading your equipment is easy. Simply slide your gear onto the Pioneer Platform and tie them down to the bars. The best thing about the Pioneer Platform is that it has been specifically designed to carry existing Rhino-Rack accessories including luggage bags, jerry can holders, spare wheel holders, shovels and loads more.

With integrated wiring capabilities, additional east/west mounting channels, and the most comprehensive ecosystem of accessories on the market, the Pioneer 6 Platform makes you the Pioneer of your adventure!

  • Quietest & lightest Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform… Ever!
  • Up to 60% reduction in drag from its predecessor 5 series
  • Stronger alloys that maintain strength but reduce weight by 20%
  • No channel apertures make 100% of the platform usable for mounting accessories
  • Improved performance with up to 25% more usable channels
  • Our hardest coating ever, reducing damage and scuffs
  • East/West mounting channels for more mounting options than ever before
  • Integrated wiring capabilities within all extrusions
  • Detachable wind fairing inserts in leading-edge further enhance drag reduction
  • Most comprehensive ecosystem of accessories for mounting everything from kayaks to fishing rods in seconds
62104 External Dimensions
Length 2700mm
Width 1472mm
Height 45mm
Product Self Weight  34.5kg

1x 62104 Pioneer Platform (2100mm x 1430mm)
1x RTLB1 Backbone Mounting System for 200 Series L/Cruiser

For vehicle with existing factory fitted rails, these rails need removing, this is done by loosening bolts from top of vehicle, no need to loosen internal lining. The backbone is then fixed into the existing holes, all bolts and nuts included for install.

Particular care is needed when removing existing bolts from roof. To avoid loosing the body thread, loosen bolts gently and when you have removed on of the paired group of bolts, insert a bolt thread (custom make bolts with head cut off) into each of the mounts. Then when lowering the backbone, you can place it over these threads. Then proceed to tighten all bolts.

Additional information


Rhino Rack

  • Cross Bars Inc: Included
  • Pioneer Systems: Tradie
  • Leg Profile: Backbone
  • Pioneer Systems: Platform
  • External Dimensions: 2128
  • Pioneer Systems: Tray
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • # Of Bars: 3
  • # Of Planks: 5
  • External Dimensions: 1426
  • External Dimensions: 39
  • Static Load Rating: 360 kg