Shade Awning Accessories

Accessories for the Sunseeker and Foxwing Awnings. The accessories are easy to fit, adding additional coverage from the elements or mesh rooms, side walls, extensions, sand pegs, camp lighting and more.

  • -14%

    Rhino 31101 4WD Awning Extension ONLY 2.5 x 2.0m

    Extend the shade coverage of your Sunseeker or Foxwing awning out by a further 2m. Simply zip the Awning Extension to the awning and secure it to the ground as a wind breaker or use the provided telescopic poles and pegs to open it out, creating extra shade.
    $187.00 $160.00
  • Rhino 32112 4WD Awning Side Wall / Shade 2.0 x 2.0m

    Add an extra 2m x 2m of coverage and enjoy the extra shade and privacy. Simply fit in place and secure to the ground at an angle. Side Wall is UV protected, waterproof and mould resistant. Side Wall is packaged with telescopic poles, ropes, pegs and a convenient travel bag for storage.
  • Rhino 31112 Foxwing Tapered Zip Extension

    The Foxwing Tapered Zip Extension is a fantastic add on accessory for the Foxwing Awning. The easy to fit extension piece simply zips onto the Foxwing Awning, as a wind breaker or horizontal adding additional coverage from the elements.
  • Rhino 32111 Sunseeker 2.0 x 2.1m Awning Extension

    Provide extra cover to your Sunseeker 2.0 Awning (32109) with the specifically designed Awning Extension. With the Awning extension, not only will you be provided with additional shade, but you can create a little more privacy and keep the breeze at bay.
  • -48%

    Rhino 32118 Mesh Room for Sunseeker 2.0m x 2.0m Awning

    The Mesh Room is a perfect add on accessory to the Rhino-Rack Sunseeker 2.0m Awning. Enjoy the outdoors in a safe, enclosed area away from those pesky insects.
    $190.00 $99.00
  • Rhino SP259 Sunseeker 2.5m Awning Spare Black Bag

    Replacement black bag for the Rhino Sunseeker II (2.5m) Awning in case the original one gets damaged. Made out of heavy grade ripstop PVC - it is waterproof, non-rip, UV resistant, mould resistant and thus essential for keeping your awning in good shape.
  • Rhino SP266 Left Batwing Replacement Black Awning Cover

    Need to replace your left hand Batwing awning cover? This is what you need!
  • Rhino SP267 Right Batwing Replacement Black Awning Cover

    Need to replace your right hand Batwing awning cover? This is what you need!
  • Rhino SP285 Left Foxwing Replacement Black Awning Cover

    Need to replace your left hand Foxwing awning cover? This is what you need!
  • Rhino 31113 Sand Screw (pr)

    Don't let your tent or awning blow away with the wind. Rhino-Rack's specially designed Sand Screw takes the hard work out of securing your tent and awning to the ground. It is suitable for both sand and outdoor environments and perfect for environments where other tent pegs fail to hold.
  • Rhino 31124 Foxwing Front Edge Zippered Insert

    For those customers who are after a little more shade provided by the Foxwing on their vehicle or camper trailer, this product is for you.
  • Rhino CA1175 Foxwing Pole Service Kit

    The Foxwing Pole Service Kit consists of a replacement hinge which has been engineered to withstand most conditions the Foxwing Awning might be exposed to. Made from an engineered plastic which replaces the cast alloy design of the regular hinge, this product is quick and easy to replace.
  • Rhino 32116 Sunseeker Awning Double Zipper

    This double zipper fits the 2.5m Sunseeker allowing an Awning Fly Extension (#32117) to be installed with the Tagalong Tent.
  • Rhino 31114 Multi Purpose Shovel/Conduit Holder Bracket (pr)

    Carry more on your rack with our specially designed Multi Purpose Shovel and Conduit Holder Bracket. Connects to the rear of awnings and foxwings, and allows you to then add the shovel or conduit brackets.