Introducing Rhino-Rack Pioneer 6 Series

Ford Ranger driving through water and fitted with the new Rhino-Rack Pioneer 6 Series roof rack

Introducing Rhino-Rack Pioneer 6 Series

Want to fit your vehicle with the new Pioneer 6? Try our Roof Rack Selector to find the right fit for your vehicle!


Introducing the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Series 6


Always at the forefront of roof rack innovation, we’re thrilled to present the latest in roof rack platforms – The Rhino-Rack Pioneer 6 series.


This remarkable product redefines the standards of functionality and durability in the market, with:

Maximum Usable Space: Say goodbye to wasted space – The removal of channel apertures ensures that 100% of the platform is available for mounting accessories.

Enhanced Durability: A tougher coating offers superior scuff resistance. This protects your platform from damage caused by objects being dragged over it.

Tool-Free Access: Quick and easy access to side, front, and rear channels is a breeze with easy-to-remove corner covers -no tools required.

Uncompromised Strength: When creating the Pioneer 6 series, Rhino-Rack used higher strength, lightweight alloys to maintain the maximum carrying capacity.

Aerodynamic Design: The leading-edge profiles of underbars and the front edge incorporate aerodynamic design, reducing wind resistance and improving fuel efficiency.

Wind Fairing: For those who demand the very best, detachable wind fairing inserts in the leading edge further enhance drag reduction making your journey smoother and more fuel-efficient.



The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Series 6 continues its legacy with compatibility and industry-leading mounting systems – Choose the Pioneer Series 6, and experience the next level of roof rack excellence.


Want to fit your vehicle with the new Pioneer 6? Try our Roof Rack Selector to find the right fit for your vehicle!


Our dedicated staff are here to guide you through the process, ensuring that you receive a personalised quote that precisely matches your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to roof racks, our team takes the time to understand your requirements and provide valuable insights. We believe in providing the most correct roof rack system and accessories for your vehicle and your application. No matter what you’re off to do, work or play we can help get you, and your gear there safer and easier.


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