Toyota Hiace & Commuter 2dr Van 11/1989-02/2005 Solid Windscreen Sunvisor

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Solid Windscreen Sunvisor Toyota Hiace & Commuter 2dr Van 11/89-02/05. Price is for solid style in undercoat ONLY, ready for top coating. We can provide a painting service, when ordering, please nominate your paint code, painting fee applies.


Toyota Hiace & Commuter 2dr Van 11/1989-02/2005 Solid Windscreen Sunvisor

  • Solid Windscreen Sunvisor Toyota HiaceĀ  & Commuter 2dr Van 11/1989-02/2005.
  • All solid steel sunvisors come in a grey primer (ready for top coat) on top with green paint on the underside.
  • If you know the paint code of your vehicle, we can provide a painting service for the top of the sunvisor. In the cart you can enter your paint code and a fee of approx $175 is added to paint the top of the sunvisor. All sunvisors come with an alloy front edge (covered in tape), you peel off the masking tape after the top coat paint has dried.
  • A solid steel sunvisor provides shade at all times, made strong to last for years. Increases driver and passenger comfort by eliminating glare and heat.
  • Also available to suit other all passenger vehicles, vans, 4WDs and trucks. Individually manufactured to suit different models. Typically fitted with self tapping screws to side pillar.
  • Please contact our friendly staff if your vehicle is not listed.
  • Some sunvisors are not suitable if the vehicle is fitted with a snorkel.
    Please contact and attach photos to confirm suitability.
  • *** This part is NOT IN STOCK. Solid sunvisors are made to order, so get your order in asap. Typically this part will be shipped in approx 23-26 weeks***

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