Toyota L/Cruiser Ute, Dual Cab, wagon and Troopy Solid Windscreen Sunvisor

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$460.00 AUD*Price Match Guarantee

Suits Toyota Land Cruiser Single Cab Ute, Wagon, Dual Cabs & Troopy. Price is for solid style in undercoat ONLY, ready for top coating. Images on web page shows sunvisor painted, painting service available, when ordering please nominate your paint code, painting fee applies.

Would you like your sunvisor painted to the same colour of your vehicle?

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Painting is done in paint shop, away from the vehicle, no guarantee of perfect colour match.– No refunds*. Please enter your colour code in the text box below.


Toyota L/Cruiser Ute, Dual Cab, wagon and Troopy Solid Windscreen Sunvisor

Level Up Your Ride

Enhance your vehicle’s functionality and style with a solid windscreen sunvisor.

Crafted from solid steel, our sunvisor comes primed in a grey primer ready for your preferred top coat, while the underside is finished in green paint.

To purchase our popular solid sunvisor pre-painted and colour-matched to your specific vehicle, simply enter your paint code in the shopping cart and for an approximate fee of $175, we’ll paint the top of the sunvisor to your specifications. All sunvisors come with an alloy front edge. Once painted, peel off the masking tape from the alloy front edge to reveal a flawless finish.


Installation is a breeze – Our Solid Windscreen Sunvisor fits to the pillar on drivers side between snorkel bracket and body, and includes a stainless steel clip for passenger side which clamps to passenger side gutter and fixes in place with 2x self tapping screws (on passenger side) – Prefer to have it installed professionally? View our fitting fees

Quality You Can Rely On

Our solid steel sunvisor is designed for longevity, providing shade at all times, reducing glare and heat, and ensuring both driver and passenger comfort on every journey.

** Important information You Must Know **

This part is NOT IN STOCK. Solid sunvisors are made to order – We encourage our customers to secure their purchase without delay. Our current shipping time is 23-26 weeks (subject to change).

Please keep in mind, if your Land Cruiser has black/white plastic inserts on the pillar, they should be removed before sunvisor installation. Refer to the last 2 photos for guidance.

Solid Windscreen Sunvisors To Suit Many Vehicles

Not driving a Land Cruiser? No worries! We offer sunvisors tailored to various passenger vehicles, vans, 4WDs, and trucks, individually manufactured to suit different models. Installation is typically straightforward, using self-tapping screws to secure them to the side pillars.

Our solid steel sunvisor is suitable for the full range of Land Cruisers, including 2-door utes, 4-door dual cabs, 4-door wagons, and Troop Carriers. With and without chrome dressing on gutters and all GXL models , 1985 onwards.

Also consider purchasing a mesh guard for your windscreen 

Please note that some sunvisors may not be suitable for vehicles with a non-factory fitted snorkel. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to email us and attach photos for a quick confirmation of suitability.