Mazda CX-60 Flush Fixed Point Silver Yakima Roof Racks (pr) (S27Y/K765)

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Bar Type: Flush Rail Mount
Brand: Yakima

Suit Mazda CX30, attaches to factory fitted mounts under black rubber strips on roof.. The Flush Bar seamlessly blends with your vehicle’s design while providing superior aerodynamic performance, lowest overall drag and quietest ride available.


Attaches to factory-fitted mounting points under rubber ditchmoulds, Need to drill hole thru black trim on roof to expose threads in body

Get all the utility of a roof rack without sacrificing style. Introducing the Flush bar—a design that seamlessly integrates with your luxury vehicle’s design, creating a sleek yet sporty silhouette. Engineered to exact specifications to provide the lowest drag and reduced noise levels to nearly zero.

Aerodynamic profile reduces noise and decreases drag up to 70%. Installs with vehicle specific SmartFoot fitting kit. T-slot for seamless mounting of Yakima accessories. SmartFill technology allows for fast install of accessories. PerformaRidge controls laminar airflow over the bar to decrease drag and wind noise. Includes Integrated Lock System (ILS)

1x S27Y Yakima
1x K765W Fitting kit to suit Mazda CX60, attaches to factory fitted mounts under black rubber strips on roof.

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