Water Sports Carriers

  • -13%

    Thule 838000 Hull-a-Port Aero

    This vertical kayak carrier folds down easily with 1 hand when not in use and offers universal roof-rack compatibility, so you can reach the water with ease in any vehicle.
    $319.00 $279.00
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    Rhino Roof Rack Self Lifting Side Boat Loader RSBL

    Great way of transporting your small tinny if you are towing a caravan or trailer.
    $1,873.00 $1,750.00
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    Rhino RUSL Universal Kayak & Canoe Side Loader

    The Rhino Universal Side Loader is one of the most useful accessory to have to assist you load your gear onto your roof racks.
    $176.00 $160.00
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    Rhino-Rack S512 Folding J Carriers

    The Folding J Style Kayak Carrier is designed to transport your kayak or canoe on the side to save space allowing for a second watercraft to be mounted on the other side of your roof racks dependant on the length of your crossbars.
    $264.00 $230.00
  • -5%

    Rhino RMPHU Multi Purpose Holder (Universal Fit)

    The RMPHU is the Universal Multi Purpose Holder that will fit most bar profiles and pioneer channelling. Carry items such as skis, ski poles, fishing rods, kayak paddles, shovels etc.
    $61.00 $58.00
  • -6%

    Rhino RTL002 T Loader Hitch Mounted

    Need a solution to easily load and unload your kayaks or ladders onto your vehicle? We introduce to you the Rhino-Rack T-Load Hitch Mount.
    $457.00 $429.00
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    Rhino RBAS2 Paddleboard Tie Down Straps

    The RBAS2 is tie down strap with an anchor strap designed to wrap around the nose/tail of a stand up paddleboard.
    $34.00 $30.00
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    Rhino Kayak / Ski Bow Camloc Strap & Bonnet Strap (ea)

    The RBAS1 is a tie down strap with an anchor strap designed to wrap around and protect kayaks or objects without a front or rear tie off point. They are quick and easy to fit and provides an anchor point for long loads when no tie off points are available. It can be used for both Bow and Stern bonnet and boot.
    $32.00 $30.00
  • -14%

    Rhino RWP01 Roof Rack Foam Canoe Pads (pr)

    Worried about damaging your roof racks when loading and unloading your watercrafts? Rhino-Rack’s foam Wrap Pads are the perfect accessory to wrap around your VortexBars for the extra protection required when loading and unloading your kayak/canoe/surfboard etc.
    $36.00 $31.00
  • -11%

    Rhino RTD35P Tie Down Straps with Buckle Protector (3.5m) (Pair)

    The RTD35P Tie Down Straps 3.5m long are suitable for heavy duty use and feature a unique design registered unique Buckle Protector.
    $28.00 $25.00