Jack & Shovel Holders

Jack & Shovels are one of the most useful items to have whilst travelling and camping. Designed to mount to alloy and steel trays, a variety of styles.

  • High Lift Jack and Shovel Holder (pr)

    Combination of Shovel and Jack Holder, to suit cross Rhino & Rola Commercial bars and side of 4wd racks. Save space by carrying jack with shovel positioned above, metal brackets include hardware for easy installation.


    or 4 payments of $33.75 with Afterpay

  • Shovel Holder SHPBAS Steel (pr) Basket Fitting

    Carry your shovel on the side of your wire basket, steel construction zinc plated and black p/coated. No drilling required to install, connects with specially designed plates. Suit up to 41mm diameter plastic and timber long arm shovels.


    or 4 payments of $15.75 with Afterpay

  • Rhino-Rack 31114 Multi Purpose Shovel/Conduit Holder Bracket (pr)

    Carry more on your rack with our specially designed Multi Purpose Shovel and Conduit Holder Bracket. Connects to the rear of awnings and foxwings, and allows you to then add the shovel or conduit brackets.


    or 4 payments of $10.75 with Afterpay

  • Rhino-Rack RCB Combination Bracket – Heavy Duty Bar (pr)

    Securely attach your shovel and high lifting jack brackets to your Rhino heavy duty bars, with our specifically designed combination bracket. This allows your shovel to be carried above the jack, saving bar space.


    or 4 payments of $8.50 with Afterpay