Drive safer, increases your view behind your caravan, various types and styles to clip onto existing mirrors or onto door frames.

  • Aussie CM2020 Ute/TrayTop Swingaway Door Mirror (each)

    SKU: AM-CM2022

    Ute & Tray top swing away arms with large 240 x 160 mm mirror, great for wider views on tray tops and ute bodies.


    or 4 payments of $17.50 with Afterpay

  • Aussie Towing Mirror CM2070 Deluxe Clip On Door Mounted (each)

    SKU: AM-CM2070

    Hooks onto vehicle door (window seal), and to bottom edge of door, with triangular frame and wide non stretch webbing. Large mirror on pivot base with adjustable arm.


    or 4 payments of $27.50 with Afterpay