• Whispbar WB201 Frame Mount Bicycle Carrier

    Whispbar’s WB201, fits all bikes regardless of frame geometry, suspension or brakes. Fits super easy to all bars with top accessory sports style channels. Automatic smart hold technology that applies the correct amount of pressure to hold the bike frame without causing any damage to the frame.

    $329.00 $299.00

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  • Whispbar WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier

    Whispbar’s WB200 fork mount bike carrier is the quietest, best-engineered, easiest-to-install, and most stylish fork mount bike rack on the market. Alloy construction, and fits to all bars with top sports channels. Quickest bike carrier to install and remove.

    $289.00 $259.00

    or 4 payments of $64.75 with Afterpay