Sunshade Products Pty Ltd trading as Roof Rack World understands that sometimes you will want to return products to us. We endeavour to make this as simple and straight forward as possible. We can assist you when your return meets our guidelines. To help us respond to your return quickly and avoid any frustration you can help Sunshade Products by ensuring you familiarize yourself with the following information about returns.

Additional Information

What is a Gift Card and when would I receive one?
A Gift Card provides you with a credit to the value of the product returned, not including freight charges. You may elect to receive a Gift Card (rather than a refund) when the product is faulty or does not match the description advertised. A Gift Card may also be given if you change your mind and decide to return a product. The Gift Card is not redeemable for cash and is valid for six months from the original purchase date. Refer to conditions above.

If Sunshade Products requests my personal information during the refund or exchange process, what do they do with the information?

Our respect for customer’s right to privacy of their personal information is paramount. We have policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information no matter how or where it is obtained is handled sensitively, securely and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

We may collect personal information during the refund or exchange process in order to comply with our fraud identification processes. If you wish to access your personal information please contact us at .
If I can’t find my receipt, can I use a bank statement as proof of purchase instead? Unfortunately Sunshade Products will not accept a bank or credit card statement unless the amount shown on that statement directly corresponds to the amount at which the product in question was purchased. Where multiple items were purchased in that transaction, it limits our ability to establish proof of purchase. Sunshade Products cannot provide copies of receipts if lost or misplaced.

How are refunds paid?

When a refund is granted, we will refund the monetary amount via the previous method of payment indicated on the receipt. Other return conditions apply, please read conditions above. Certain circumstances refers to the discretion of Sunshade Products staff and customer service.

Please retain your receipt

In order to process a refund, exchange or repair or a gift card, a product purchased from Sunshade Products, you should have clear proof of purchase – typically a receipt. If you do not have clear proof of purchase, Sunshade Products is not obligated to offer you an exchange, refund or repair. However, under certain circumstances Sunshade Products may elect to repair, exchange or issue a Gift Card for the product. For loss prevention purposes we will need to record your personal details. There are various products, with various warranty periods, refer to individual manufacturers web sites for relevant warranty details. For further information on our Privacy Policy, please refer to our website at

1. Is the product faulty, unfit for purpose or does not match it’s advertised description?

Once proof of purchase has been established, if the product fault can safely and clearly be determined in-store, by phone conversation or by emailing pictures, we will offer you, either an exchange product, repair or Gift Card. Where the product fault is difficult or potentially dangerous to determine (for example if it is an electrical or software item), we will need to consult with the manufacturer or repair agent to determine the fault and resolution.

Our sales staff are happy to liaise with the manufacturer or repair agent on your behalf to resolve the issue but it may take two weeks or more to complete the process. It is also possible for you to liaise with the manufacturer directly (which may be more time efficient). Sunshade Products can supply you with their relevant contact details upon request. Sunshade Products cannot offer a refund or exchange where the product has sustained damage due to inappropriate use, whether that has been identified by Sunshade Products, the manufacturer or repair agent. If the product does not match its advertised description, Sunshade Products will provide you with either an exchange or Gift Card to the value of the product purchase price.

2. What happens if I have purchased a product in store or on line, and want to return it? Or you have changed your mind.

At Sunshade Products we’re all here to ensure your shopping experience is simple and convenient. You can return items by mail or by visiting the store.

For any product return you should call (08) 82606433 to obtain a Return Authority Number before returning the product. If you still have your receipt and it is within 7 days of purchase, Sunshade Products will give you a credit, an exchange or a gift card.

Credits will be provided once product have been returned to our store, and the credit will be for product value minus a 15% handling fee and minus original delivery freight costs (if applicable).

Exchange value and gift card values are calculated on product value minus original delivery freight costs (if applicable).
You can return items by mail (cost of return freight paid by consumer) or by visiting the store of purchase. The returned product must be unused, in its original condition and packaging, ready for resale by Sunshade Products. It is up to the discretion of our staff members to determine if the product has been returned in the unopened and unused condition.
If the staff members considers the product to be used, or has been returned opened, then the product will not be credited, the product will not be exchanged, nor a gift card provided. The product will be re-returned to the customer.
The cost of re-delivery will be paid by consumer (if applicable). If you are returning the product unused, in original condition and packaging, but are returning a product between 7 and 30 days after purchase date, Sunshade Products will not offer you a credit, but can offer you an exchange or a Gift Card. Exchange values and gift card values are calculated on product value minus original freight charge.

You can return product by mail (cost of return freight paid by consumer). Sunshade Products will not provide credits, exchange or gift cards without providing proof of purchase receipt. There is no credits, exchange or gift cards after the 30 day period from purchase date.

Many products are listed “freight fee”, in store and on line. Returns and gift cards for on line sales, with “freight free deals”, will incur freight charges when a credit, exchange or gift card is requested by the consumer.

The return of the product will incur a freight charge of which this freight cost will be paid by the consumer.

Return freight should be done by the consumer. Our friendly staff can suggest a preferred freight company. Once the goods have been returned, inspected and cleared, the value of the exchange and or gift card will be issued.

3. Returns of Custom made items and Special orders?

Unfortunately Sunshade Products will not accept returns on custom made products and special orders. A 50% deposit is required when ordering custom made and special orders products in-store. With on-line custom made purchases, and special orders, a full up-front payment is necessary before manufacture.

This special deposit will be requested by our friendly staff at the time of order. There is no credits, exchange or gift cards on custom made and special orders.