Twin Drawer Storage System & Wing Kit Combo (900mm) (COMBO900)

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Bott Twin Drawer Storage System & Wing Kit Combos. Designed to optimise space in the back of most types of 4wds or wagons. Heavy duty load capacity with drawer depths from 800mm to 1350mm.


Our twin drawer systems have optional side “wings” that allow a full top deck of storage. Made from Structural ply with heavy duty roller bearing slide units our drawers are built to last even under the harshest conditions. Structural ply wood allows high strength with flexibility to allow for heavy loads, rugged road conditions and body flex when off roading.

ALL Runners and fittings are Stainless steel for strength and durability. Aluminium tread or “checker” plate is used for trimming.

Please check out our many options that will enhance the functionality of your storage system.


Tie Downs $20 each

Fridge Slide (Small 40-50lt) $505

Fridge Slide (Large 60-80lt) $555

Fridge Slide Tilting (Small 40-50lt) $735

Fridge Slide Tilting (Large 60-80lt) $856


Choose from:

  • Lighting for inside your drawers. Allows easy location of parts during poor light conditions.
  • Tie down points. Secure your valuables on the top deck to save damage.
  • Built in fridge or work bench slide unit. Integrated slide unit with tie down points makes for easy access to your fridge or use as a handy work platform.

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