Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Ridge Mount Rola Titan MK111 Platform 1800x1200mm (TKRM318814)

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The Ridge Mount/Titan Tray MK111 kit is designed to work together to spread the load and maximise your carrying capacity. It is also strong and easy to install but most importantly they look perfect together.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Ridge Mount Rola Titan MK111 Platform 1800x1200mm (TKRM318814)

Ridge Mount kit  is finished with Stipple Powder Coat and made from Stainless Steel, it is both durable & lightweight and able to withstand the elements and anything you throw at it. Titan Tray is a lightweight flat tray that contains patented channels to add your accessories. Ridge Mount also allows you to secure electrical cables and have them hidden from line of sight great for you’re LED light bars.


  • Ridge mount made from Stainless steel
  • Stipple powder coat finish on Ridge mount
  • Ridge mount cut out for embedding work lights
  • Provision for securing cables on Ridge mount
  • Titan tray has flexible mounting options on the periphery
  • Simple assembly with flatpack delivery of Titan Tray MK111

For vehicle with existing factory fitted rails, these rails need removing, this is done by loosening bolts from top of vehicle, no need to loosen internal lining. The Ridge Mount is then fixed into the existing holes, all bolts and nuts included for install.

Particular care is needed when removing existing bolts from roof. To avoid loosing the body thread, loosen bolts gently and when you have removed on of the paired group of bolts, insert a bolt thread (custom make bolts with head cut off) into each of the mounts. Then when lowering the backbone, you can place it over these threads. Then proceed to tighten all bolts.

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RM36814 Ridge Mounting System