Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute 2015on Rola Ridge Mount Kit RM36801 (fits MK111 Titan Trays)

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Ridge Mount is specifically tailored for each individual vehicle and Titan Tray combination, ensuring the perfect fit and a seamless design. Ridge Mount is installed utilising the best mounting options available on the vehicle. Suits MK111 Platforms.

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RM36801 Rola Ridge Mount Kit for the Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute (2015 -On), Suits only MK111 Platforms

Ridge Mount is designed to be strong, easy to install but most importantly to spread the load evenly while match the aesthetics of the Titan Tray and your vehicle.
Finished with stipple powder coat and made from Stainless Steel, it is both durable & lightweight and able to withstand the elements and anything you throw at it.

Ridge Mount also comes with a provision to secure electrical cables and have them hidden from line of sight. Cut-outs on the Ridge Mount not only make it lightweight and stylish, but also allow you to install LED lights for your adventures.

Fitting Instructions