Toyota Fortuner GX Yakima LocknLoad Platform (2015on) (1930mm x 1380mm) (YPTY014C)

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Bar Type: Track Mounted Platform 1930 x 1380mm
Brand: Yakima

The unique and versatile LockNLoad Platform allows you to carry your touring or off-road gear with ease.

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Features of the Yakima LocknLoad Platform:

  • Innovative slats with 21 mm accessory slots
  • Beefy profile is built to last and looks just as tough
  • East-west slats allow more flexibility to fit your accessories
  • Versatile perimeter mounting tracks for more ways to mount your accessories
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated aluminium and additional e-coating
  • 8 latitudinal slats


Platform C (1930mmx1380mm)
8000144 LNL Leg Pack (6x)
8000332 Tracks for GX Fortuner

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