Thule 394000 Professional Bar (Silver 200cm) (pr)


$339.00 AUD*Price Match Guarantee

The load bar with a unique tri-slot design for fitting of multiple accessories.

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  • The tri-slot design gives great flexibility and opens up the possibility of combining a range of different load accessories that can be used independently of each other or together.
  • In the top track, you can for example fit the Thule Load Stop, Thule Ladder Tilt, Thule Ladder Holder etc. You mount each accessory in just a few seconds. Just slide it in and lock in place.
  • In the rear track you can very easily alter between Thule Roller, Thule Foldable Load Stop and Thule Eye bolt. Or let them be mounted together! And you will have the top of the Thule Heavy-Duty Bar free for your load.
  • Available in 6 different lengths (390  120cm RRP $249.00), (391  135cm RRP $249.00), (392  150cm RRP $249.00), (393  175cm RRP $319.00), (394  200cm RRP $319.00), (395  220cm RRP $369.00).
  • Use the Thule Fit My Car guide to find out which roof rack fits your car.
  • 40mm is the height of the Professional Bars.

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