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MaxTrax Holder Brackets(pr) with 4 x MaxTrax pins

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$149.00 AUD*Price Match Guarantee

A pair of universal MaxTrax brackets to suit a wide range of racks, includes 4 x maxtrax pins, and hardware to connect to platforms. Fits Rhino-Rack Pioneer racks, Yakima Lock’n Load Platforms, and some cross bars. Designed for MAXTRAX MKII only. Does not include the Maxtrax II boards.

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MAXTRAX Holder Brackets to Enhance Your Adventures

When it comes to off-road adventures, having the right gear and accessories is essential. If you’re a proud owner of MAXTRAX MKII boards, then the MAXTRAX Holder Brackets are a game-changer for your setup.

These versatile brackets are designed to fit seamlessly with popular roof rack brands, ensuring that your recovery boards are easily accessible and securely stored.

A Universal Fit for Your Roof Rack

One of the standout features of the MAXTRAX Holder Brackets is their universal fitment. These brackets are compatible with Rhino-Rack Pioneer racks, Yakima Lock’n Load racks, and most other popular brands on the market. This versatility ensures that no matter your choice of roof rack, you can integrate the MAXTRAX Holder Brackets effortlessly.

Flexible Installation

The ultimate flexibility when it comes to how you want to install your recovery boards. You can choose to fit them across or along the length of your platform, depending on your specific needs and preferences. This adaptability ensures that you can make the most of your roof rack space and have easy access to your recovery boards when required.

Built to Last

Quality matters, especially when it comes to off-road accessories. The MAXTRAX Holder Brackets are constructed from robust and durable aluminium. They are powder-coated black for added protection against the elements. Additionally, these brackets come complete with the necessary hardware, including bolts and nuts that are designed to suit platforms and cross bars. This means you won’t have to worry about sourcing additional components – everything you need is included.

Convenient Package

Sold as a pair, its easy to equip your roof rack with the required brackets for your recovery boards. Furthermore, each pair of brackets includes 4x MaxTrax pins with 17mm base threads. These pins are essential for securely attaching your MAXTRAX boards, ensuring they stay firmly in place during your off-road adventures.

Please Note: MAXTRAX II Boards Sold Separately

While the MAXTRAX Holder Brackets are a crucial part of the equation, it’s important to clarify that the price does not include the MAXTRAX II boards themselves. These boards are sold separately. If you’re not already a proud owner of MAXTRAX MKII boards, it’s worth considering them as a valuable addition to your off-road gear collection.

Components You Need:

  • RRW-MTBS: This is the product code for the MAXTRAX Holder Brackets.
  • MAX-MTXMPS  Sold as a pair of brackets, with 4x MaxTrax pins with 17mm base threads. These pins are included with the brackets and are designed for secure attachment of your MAXTRAX boards.


The MAXTRAX Holder Brackets are the missing piece of the puzzle for your off-road adventures. With their universal fit, durable construction, and included hardware, they make it easy to equip your roof rack for secure MAXTRAX recovery board storage.

Whether you’re heading off on a rugged off-road excursion or simply want to be prepared for any adventure, these brackets are a must-have addition to your gear. Get ready to take your off-road experiences to the next level with MAXTRAX Holder Brackets.

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