Rhino-Rack RLTPLC 50mm Legs (pr) Toyota 100 Series L/Cruiser

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The Rhino-Rack RLTPLC 50mm tall legs are attached to your roof via a set of remove-able steel brackets and legs. Connected into the pockets and threads existing on the vehicle.

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The Rhino-Rack RLTPLC legs are attached to vehicle via anchors threads already in the roof. Remove the existing covers on the roof, remove the existing bolts and hooks.

It is recommended that you put a dab of silicon in the holes, then the new leg fittings are installed into the existing vehicle threads. Featuring a 50mm tall leg profile design.

Legs sold as pairs and include 10mm bolt and nut to fit to underside of Rhino heavy duty bar. If three bars are installed on this vehicle, then 2 pairs of leg height spacers are required to level the 3 bars (add $26, 2 x LHSPAIR)

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