Rhino-Rack RFMPC2 Canopy Fixed Mount Leg

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Bar Type: Canopy Pad Mounts
Brand: Rhino Rack

For lighter load situations where utility posts are not required. The Heavy Duty Ute Canopy system is the ideal solution for carrying longer items including ladders and conduits.


Its key feature is a base which swivels to allow a better fit to a wider variety of roof shapes including flat, angled and curved. Featuring a low profile design, this system is aesthetically pleasing and maintains its durability after years of continuous use.

“Click here” – more information on Dynamic vs Static load ratings, and ratings for roof top tents.

The RFMPC2 also comes with the GE backing plate which covers up the mounting hardware on the under side to give the inside of your canopy a neat and tidy look.

Utilising our tough Heavy Duty bars, this system offers you compatibility with a wide selection of Rhino-Rack accessories. So whether you’re a traveller, cyclist, surfer or tradesperson – the Heavy Duty RFMPC2 roof rack system has you covered.


  • Swivel base allows fitting with a wider variety of roof shapes including flat, angled and curved
  • High profile design is ideal for highly curved roofs or levelling bars
  • Strong and built to last
  • Suitable for heavy off-road use
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories
  • Tested and approved to Australian AS1235-2000 standards

Fitting Instructions

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  • Warranty: 5 Years