Rhino-Rack RCL2 Locking Leg (2x)

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The low profile RCL Locking Legs are designed with a key locking system to reduce wind resistance and increase security.  This unique design helps reduce noise without compromising durability and load carrying capacity.

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  • Removeable and easy to install
  • Locking cover with a compartment for an Allen key
  • Suits Vortex, Heavy Duty Bars and Pioneer Systems using various QMFK spacers
  • Low profile 37mm / 1.46” (high profile also available 52mm / 2.05”)
  • Height adjustable using various QMFK spacers
  • Suitable for heavy off-road use
  • Tested and approved to Australian Standards AS1235-2000
  • Comes with 2 legs
  • Assorted nuts and bolts for assembly

Additional information


Rhino Rack

  • Fits Bar: Prorack Whispbar
  • Fits Bar: Heavy Duty
  • Fits Bar: Prorack P
  • Fits Accessory: AT Trays
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 580
  • Fits Bar: Thule Wingbar (Blade)
  • Fits Bar: Vortex
  • Fits Bar: Carac
  • Fits Accessory: Roof Boxes
  • Fits Accessory: 560 Kayak & Canoe Carrier
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Fits Bar: Prorack Whispbar HD
  • Fits Accessory: S512X Extension Piece
  • Fits Accessory: 562 Ski & Snowboard Carriers
  • Fits Bar: Thule
  • Fits Accessory: List parts that will need fitting kits
  • Fits Accessory: S510 Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier
  • Fits Accessory: 566 Ski & Snowboard Carriers
  • Fits Bar: Rola Heavy Duty
  • Fits Bar: Thule square bar
  • Leg Height: 37mm
  • Fits Bar: Mont Blanc (square bar)
  • Fits Bar: Rola Sports bars
  • Fits Bar: Hubco
  • Fits Bar: Yakima
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 570
  • Fits Accessory: S512 Folding J Style Kayak Carrier
  • Fits Accessory: List Accessories
  • Fits Accessory: S400 Kayak & Canoe Carrier
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 581
  • Fits Bar: Thule Aero
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 571
  • Fits Accessory: 564 Ski & Snowboard Carriers
  • Fits Accessory: Steel Mesh Platform
  • Fits Bar: Euro
  • Fits Accessory: Steel Mesh Basket
  • Fits Bar: Yakima