Rhino-Rack RBC035 Fork Mounted Bike Carrier

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The sleek, stylish design of the new Rhino-Rack MountainTrail Bike Carrier will help you transport your bike with safety and ease. Universal fitment making it compatible with a wide range of crossbars.

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The BLACK MountainTrail roof mounted bike carrier that will fit to nearly any bar you can throw at it. Stylish and adaptable.

Featuring easy installation, a screw-on fastener for bike forks and a quick release wheel strap – you will spend less time getting your bike on or off your roof and more time hitting the road. Place it on either side of your vehicle for convenience or use two MountainTrails if you desire.

For security and protection the MountainTrail features an anti theft locking system and strong rubber coated straps.


  • Roof mounted system
  • Pre-assembled
  • Fits directly to all Rhino-Rack bars
  • Quick and easy installation / removal
  • Fits on either side of your vehicle roof
  • Suitable for bikes up to 15kg / 35lb
  • Suits bikes with standard or disc brake systems
  • Rear wheel strap fits all wheel dimensions
  • Adjustable locking skewer
  • Lockable
  • Allen Key Included
  • 114.3cm / 45 inch double wall aluminium tray


Bike Types:

Mountain bike
Race bike

Colour: Black
External Dimensions:


Mount Style:Front Wheel off

Product Weight: 4kg

Fitting Instructions

View Fitting Instructions

  • Fits Accessory: S512X Extension Piece
  • Bike Types: Wide Tyres
  • Fits Bar: Vortex
  • Fits Bar: Yakima
  • Fits Accessory: S400 Kayak & Canoe Carrier
  • Fits Accessory: List parts that will need fitting kits
  • Fits Bar: Thule
  • Fits Bar: Thule Aero
  • Fits Bar: Thule Wingbar (Blade)
  • Fits Accessory: S512 Folding J Style Kayak Carrier
  • Bike Types: Disc Brakes
  • Fits Bar: Carac
  • Fits Bar: Rola Heavy Duty
  • Fits Accessory: Steel Mesh Basket
  • Fits Bar: Prorack Whispbar HD
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Fits Accessory: Roof Boxes
  • Bike Types: Race bike
  • Fits Accessory: 564 Ski & Snowboard Carriers
  • Bike Types: Mountain bike
  • Mount Style: Front Wheel off
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 570
  • Fits Bar: Euro
  • Bike Types: Kids bike
  • Fits Accessory: Steel Mesh Platform
  • Fits Bar: Prorack Whispbar
  • Fits Accessory: 560 Kayak & Canoe Carrier
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 581
  • Product Weight: 2.6
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 580
  • Fits Bar: Thule square bar
  • Fits Accessory: 562 Ski & Snowboard Carriers
  • Dimensions:
  • Fits Accessory: S510 Fixed J Style Kayak Carrier
  • Fits Bar: Heavy Duty
  • Colour: Black
  • Fits Accessory: Nautic 571
  • Fits Accessory: AT Trays
  • Fits Accessory: 566 Ski & Snowboard Carriers
  • Fits Bar: Rola Sports bars
  • Fits Accessory: List Accessories
  • Fits Bar: Prorack P
  • External Dimensions: 1400
  • Fits Bar: Mont Blanc (square bar)
  • Fits Bar: Yakima
  • Fits Bar: Hubco
  • Dimensions:
  • External Dimensions: 180
  • External Dimensions: 80
  • Dimensions:
  • Maximum Load: 15kg / 33lb