Rhino-Rack HSIT 6mm SWIFLOC Channel nuts (8 Pack)

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The patented Zwifloc high tensile channel nut gives you the flexibility to add, remove or reposition accessories anywhere on a Pioneer platform or Reconn-Deck system.

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This product contains the M6 Channel Nuts (pack of 8) and can be used in rhino rack platforms.

Simply swap out the existing channel nuts of your accessory and replace with Zwifloc channel nuts. The Zwifloc nut simply drops into the channel, where it can be fixed, so there is no need to slide into position or move other accessories.

  • Used to modify an accessory to have quick and easy removal for flexible mounting options
  • Contents Included: 8 x Zwifloc 6mm channel nuts
  • Compatible with many Rhino-Rack accessories. In some cases, additional hardware such as screws and/or washers will need to be purchased to convert your current accessory. Refer to the Zwifloc page for further information.
  • For use on Pioneer platforms and Reconn-Deck bars.



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