Rhino Pioneer Platform (Series 4) Roof Rack Table Slide Mount Kaon KS0581

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Safely store your camping table underneath your platform, Keep the top of your platform free for other cargo

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Roof Rack Table Slide Mount to suit Platform Racks

Table Slide Mount enables you to secure a trestle table to the underside of your roof rack, taking advantage of underutilised space and leaving the surface of your platform free to carry whatever you need.



  • Provides instant access to your table, no need to move all your stuff to get to the table in the back of your car.
  • Utilise wasted space under your rack, while leaving the surface of your roof rack platform totally free.
  • Slide mounts are held in place with a series of clamps secured to cross rails on the underside of the platform.
  • A tight-fitting locking bar secures the table, and stoppers keep it rattle-free.
  • Table stores upside down, keeping the table working surface clean and the legs secure.
  • Once fitted, the mount is ‘set and forget’ – simply remove the table and locking bar when not in use.
  • Made from stainless steel in a brushed finish, so it’s hard-wearing and won’t rust.


Our Roof Rack Mount does not include the table. Our mount is designed to suit the Bunnings Marquee 4ft Trestle Table.


  • Suits Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platforms Series 4
  • 50mm clearance is needed from the underside of the roof rack to the roof, at the narrowest point. If you need additional clearance, Rhino-Rack and Front Runner produce spacers that are simple to install and readily available from most roof-rack retailers. Visit their websites to confirm the compatibility of these spacers with your rack configuration. See photo showing the spacers under the platform. For more info on spacers ring one of our talented sales reps for more info 08 82606433.


  • 1 x Roof Rack Table Slide Mount – Select Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Series 4
  • All the hardware you need to complete installation.

Does not include the table

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