RAM 1500 Quad Cab 2013-2022 Rugged Line Platform 1530mm x 1485mm (YRGL015S)


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Yakima Lock N Load Platform is a premium roof rack system. This platform offers your both strength and flexibility. A great option for your off road adventure or as commercial solution.

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Yakima’s Lock N Load Platform feature innovative slat that allow for all kind of roof rack accessories to be mounted. Every slat incorporates a 21mm accessory slot, with drop-in cutouts, for easy mounting of all kinds of accessories and carriers. Plus, the slat’s width is designed for compatibility with Yakima clamp-type mounts. This Platform’s slats run across the vehicle (“east-west”), just like normal roof racks do. This provides greater flexibility when choosing accessories, more tie down options and better load distribution. All sides of the Platform’s perimeter feature a top slot for mounting accessories. Even high lift jack and awnings won’t make it sag or bend, given the ample reinforcement from slats, corner inserts and spine segments. Constructed from powder coated aluminum, with additional e-coating in critical areas, the Lock N Load Platform will survive the harshest of Australian conditions.

Platform S  Yakima Lock n Load Platform
Y-9841015  RuggedLine RAM 1500 Classic

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