RacksBrax 8306 HD Adjustable brackets (long)

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RacksBrax HD Adjustable Brackets are used in conjunction with Hitch HD, allow for fitment of maxtrax, fishing rod holders and other accessories.

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The RacksBrax HD Adjustable Brackets have been designed for the RacksBrax HD Hitch to provide a height adjustable bracket that can be set to vertical commonly used for awning and also 15° angle for recovery boards such as Maxtrax. The height adjustment on the bracket allows an adjustment range of 50mm in the vertical plane and a range of 50 mm and 15° off vertical plane. Adjustable Brackets adjust the height of the bracket (and accessory) to allow the top of the bracket (and accessory) to be set as low as possible without the accessory interfering with door openings. Used in conjunction with RacksBrax HD Hitch You can now make your accessories removable

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