Ozrax 76mm Universal Tray Bar (rear only rack) (TB76M)

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$795.00 AUD*Price Match Guarantee

Bar Type: Remove-able Ute Pocket Rack
Brand: Ozrax

Ute Tray bar is made from 76mm polished alloy tubing. Helps support those long items and is remove-able within minutes.


Single Ute Tray bar. Mill finish alloy, diameter 76mm ute tray bars come with or without pins, and support stools.

Easy fitting steel pockets are standard for all ute tray bars. Drilling is required on this vehicle. Pockets require bolting to the top of the ute tray, approx 250mm stools will allow the tray bar to be supported from to the ute body.

Wing nut bolts require loosening to remove tray bar, leaving pockets approx 250mm tall stools above the ute tray platform. When ordering a tray bar, an internal width of the tray is required, and an overall height is required. Must also nominate if top pins are required.

Ute tray bars are remove-able within minutes. Maximum spans of 1800mm and maximum heights of 1100mm. Front bar also available at same price.

If your vehicle is not listed, please contact our friendly staff for more info. Mill finish also available on request.

Price is for only rear bar.

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