Mitsubishi Pajero NM-NP (no rails) Pro Rack P Bars (P17/K332)

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Ruggedness Matched with Outstanding Value, Clip on style roof racks.

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Mitsubishi Pajero NM-NP (no rails) Pro Rack P Bars (P17/K332)

Looking for a pair of quality roof racks to go away for the weekend? Look no further, the P-Bar range will suit your everyday needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

With Adaptable Smart foot Technology

The P-Bar roof racks are super adaptable. The innovative Smart foot system adapts and transfers simply to virtually any vehicle, making it easy and inexpensive to fit your current crossbar to a different car.


  1. Robust Dependability
  2. Fits most vehicles
  3. Through bar only (price includes fitting kit
  4. 75 kg (max)* load rating
  5. Adaptable Smart foot
  6. Locks as standard

Components :
1x P17 Bars
1x K332  fitting kit

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