Mazda BT50 (Gen3) 2020on Dual Cab Yakima RuggedLine 9841012 Mounting System

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Bar Type: RuggedLine Mounting System
Brand: Yakima

Yakima RuggedLine® is a premium platform-to-vehicle mounting system. The RuggedLine is fixed into the existing holes, all bolts included for install. No drilling required. No need to drop internal lining, RuggeLine fits to existing threads in roof under black trim on roof.

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Yakima RuggedLine® is a premium platform-to-vehicle mounting system, designed and tested in Australia. Constructed from powdercoated stainless steel for ultimate reliability, RuggedLine is ready to be paired with the existing (and proven) range of LockNLoad Platforms.

Capacity 100kg, minus self weight of platform (approx 25kgs), platform sold separately. Please check vehicle guide manual for maximum carrying capacity of vehicle.

The install is done by lifting the black roof trim to locate the threads, and then cut away some roof trim local to these threads. Ruggedline then fits to these existing threads in vehicle, all bolts included for install, no need to loosen internal lining.  No drilling required to install.


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  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Load Rating: 120kgs / 264lbs