Front Runner Stratchits (STRA034)

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Revolutionize the way you secure loads to your vehicle. The Stratchit is the ultimate tie down with stretchy ratcheting performance in a lightweight, durable strap. These new and improved Stratchits feature a Velcro tab for strap discipline and larger stainless steel carabiners. Stratchits have all the benefits of a compact ratchet strap and bungee cord combined. Sold in pairs.

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Cinch down loads simply and effectively so you don’t have to worry about gear rattling loose on bumpy roads. Adjustable from 56cm to 152cm and with an additional 20 cm when fully stretched. Wont damage your expensive gear like surfboards through over tightening. Stratchits absorb tension like a stretchy ratchet strap. Quick and efficient. Simply secure the ends and hand tighten the strap. Fastens to, and around, just about anything. Perfect for Front Runner Racks and accessories, but work with all roof rack systems.  Sold in pairs.


HOW TO USE: Hook to the Front Runner Roof Rack , eye bolts or tie down points.  You can even loop around the slats or side profiles and fasten the Stratchit. You can even remove the carabiner and loop the Stratchit through itself – to fasten around any roof rack rail, railing, pole, bumper, tire carrier…. etc.



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