Great Wall

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  • Great Wall X240 5dr SUV 04/11on Rhino-Rack Vortex Roof racks (pr)

    Each Vortex RLCP is unique to a vehicle’s specific mounting points. Rhino-Rack engineers have tailored the design of the Vortex RLCP to suit the contours of your vehicle so it is aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. Utilising the Factory Mounting Points of your vehicle is one of the most secure ways to attach roof racks. The Vortex bar is our most accessory compatible crossbar so whether you’re a traveller, outdoor person, water lover, tradesperson or family holidaymaker- the Vortex RLCP has you covered.


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  • Great Wall V200 4dr Ute Dual Cab 08/11on Rhino-Rack Vortex Quick Mount roof racks (pr)

    This Vortex Quick Mount RLT600 roof rack system is fixed to your roof using a vehicle specific track. It is the legs that make the RLT600 stand out; a simple trigger locking system means once you’re done utilising the roof space the system can be removed with one hand. Remove the lockable cover plate, pinch the red triggers together and you’re done. Engineering and design reinforces Rhino-Rack’s commitment to the strength and durability of the Vortex Quick Mount RLT600.

    $530.00 $510.00

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