Frequently Asked Questions

We sell a wide range of bike racks and carriers to ensure your bike goes with you for the journey. At Roof Rack World, we have bike racks that attach to the tow bar, attach to your roof racks, strap to the back of your vehicle and even the A-Frame of your caravans.
Refer to your vehicles manufacturers hand book. For instance some vehicles have a load rating of 100kgs maximum, this is suitable for bitumen roads, and equates to approx 70kgs on corrugated roads. The maximum load is a motion load, so that is the maximum load you can carry while the vehicle is in motion on bitumen roads under normal driving conditions. While the vehicle is static you can have a roof top tent weighing 40kgs, and have the weight of two persons on top, equating to more than the maximum 100kgs load listed in the manual. Always distribute the load on your roof rack and when entering corrugated road areas, reduce the weight on top, for instance remove fuel from the roof rack, fill the tank with this fuel and ensure luggage is tied down securely with non stretch ties.
No, when roof racks are installed by our professionals there will be no leaking in the vehicle. Our staff members have years of experience with installation and carefully choose products so they are the best for the vehicle and application.
Not if you make sure the racks are properly fitted and the roof is clean when you fit the racks. Take them off a few times a year and wash under the rubber pad and refit securely and you will not damage the car.